San Teodoro is popular as one of the most  famous destinations in Sardinia.

A walk in the centre of the village is certainly suggestive. San Teodoro is renowned for its nightlife (movida teodorina)  and for some of the biggest and most exclusive clubs on the north-western coast of Sardinia.

The visitors will certainly be fascinated by the wonderful stretch of coast that surround the village. One of the most beautiful and popular beach is:

"La Cinta"

The marine protected area of Tavolara lies in front of the village and it is one of the most beautiful panorama of Sardinia 


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Siniscola - La Caletta - Elegante Villetta!
Detail Price : € 299 000
Living space : 100 m²
Land space : 130 m²
Villetta con Piscina
Detail Price : € 220 000
Living space : 90 m²
Land space : 100 m²
Villetta con piscina privata
Detail Rent : Consult us
Living space : 70 m²
Land space : 250 m²
Budoni - Nuove costruzioni
Detail Price : € 230 000
Living space : 75 m²
Land space : 20 m²
San Teodoro - Appartamento al Primo Piano
Detail Price : € 150 000
Living space : 75 m²
Land space : 15 m²

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